3 things you need to do before applying for a wage subsidy

By Scott Donaldson, AWS Legal


The government just announced its major support package in response to the economic impacts of COVID-19.  The key feature is a wage subsidy available to affected employers.  Employers will be eligible for 12 weeks at $585.80 for each full time and $350 for part-time employee.  Please refer to this fact sheet for more information.


You do not need to provide any evidence for your application.  But you will need to make a declaration.  Below I’ve outlined three key things you need to be aware of before making your declaration:


  1. You need to discuss the application with your employees and they need to consent.  The reason for that is that information is being provided to them.  We have put together a form you can use to gain your employees’ consent;

  2. You need to take “active steps” to mitigate the impact.  If you haven’t already we suggest that you contact the Queenstown Chamber of Commerce and ask for assistance.  They are currently offering a 3 month free membership.  Keep records of seeking assistance.

  3. You need to have a 30% decline in actual or predicted revenue in any one of the months of Jan-July.  You should speak to your accountant or refer to your budget before declaring.

You will need to provide evidence supporting your declaration if you are audited


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