15th July 2020
From 27 July 2020 the next phase of changes for the new Employer Assisted Temporary Work Visa System will come into effect. The most significant... Read More
14th July 2020
My mother keeps telling me to get an Enduring Power of Attorney but I already have a will and I am young. What is an Enduring Power of Attorney and... Read More
25th June 2020
The New Zealand government has set a goal to plant a billion trees by 2028, what does that mean for you?   What is the one billion tree project and... Read More
8th June 2020
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25th June 2020
New Zealand is a very respectable and stable democracy with rule of law and protection of property rights at its core.  It is globally engaged and... Read More
10th May 2020
Many visa holders in Queenstown have drastically felt the effects of Covid-19 with cuts to hours and redundancies with inabilities to access the wage... Read More
8th May 2020
    OUR LOCATIONS AND CONTACT US PAGE   Eligible business* may be able to get fully government funded legal advice and support to help deal with... Read More
29th April 2020
At today's press conference (29 April 2020) Jacinda Ardern announced that the Government is working on some kind of change where commercial landlords... Read More
1st May 2020
The Regional Business Partners Network is a government funded scheme set up to assist small and medium businesses. The government has recently... Read More
17th April 2020
We have previously provided an overview of the implications of COVID-19 and the Level 4 alert status for both the Landlord and Tenant in commercial... Read More