13th September 2018
In late 2017 the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill was introduced to restrict the purchase of residential land in New Zealand by overseas persons.... Read More
9th July 2018
Many people assume when they have entered into a binding record of settlement to resolve an employment relationship problem, that will be an end of... Read More
9th July 2018
New Zealand has passed a law called the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (we will call it the AML/CFT law). The... Read More
9th April 2018
A successful business has loyal and hard-working employees. In many industries, skilled workers can be difficult to find and hard to hold onto –... Read More
7th March 2018
GODZone is an annual, multiday, non-stop, expedition-style adventure race and is widely regarded around the world as the best adventure race! This... Read More
19th February 2018
The Southern Field Days at Waimumu, just out of Gore, were on over 14-16 February.  The event brings the latest in rural technology, equipment and... Read More
12th February 2018
Many of us that purchase products or services online simply tick a box agreeing to the supplier’s terms of trade without reading them or giving them... Read More
9th February 2018
Anne Henderson attended the Windsor Church on Friday 9 February to speak with the U3A Group about elder law issues.  Anne is one of four speakers... Read More
18th December 2017
A restraint of trade provides important protection for the purchaser of business. But only if it is enforceable. In the recent decision of Feng v Liu... Read More
11th December 2017
The recent Court of Appeal decision in Hulbert Developments Limited v Tairua Marine Limited concerned a joint venture for a marina development. It... Read More