8th November 2019
Photo : Jessie Sutherland (S A Studio), Grant Lunn (Metro Direct), Doreen Evans, John Hancock and James Grubb (Design Windows Central Otago Ltd) –... Read More
25th October 2019
10th October 2019
With the exciting news that Invercargill’s inner city redevelopment is going ahead, it’s likely we will see an increase in commercial leasing... Read More
1st October 2019
Changes to temporary work visas and Employer Accreditations, who will be affected? Background In December 2018, the Government announced they were... Read More
1st October 2019
The Farm Debt Mediation Bill (No 2) ("the Bill") has been introduced with the intention of establishing an equitable and efficient mediation scheme... Read More
22nd February 2019
On Saturday night AWS commercial team’s solicitor Tim Lindsay attended the Otago Southland Theatre Awards (OSTAS) with a group from Invercargill... Read More
17th December 2018
Picture this: you own a medium-sized business with some 10 employees. You are busy, stressed and increasingly overwhelmed by the workload. The last... Read More
7th December 2018
The end of the year is near, Christmas is on the horizon, and work is ramping up to the final push before the holidays begin, which is often a peak... Read More