21st July 2017
On 20 July 2017, Women’s Minister Paula Bennett launched ‘Closing the Gender Pay Gap: Actions for Employers’ to private sector companies. This guide... Read More
21st August 2017
26th May 2017
Green Party MP, Jan Logie, has introduced a Bill before Parliament to help victims of domestic violence in their employment. Parliamentary unity was... Read More
26th May 2017
 NAME SUPPRESSION NOT A BARRIER TO LEGITIMATE EMPLOYMENT INTEREST   In the decision of ASG v Harlene Hayne, Vice-Chancellor of the University of... Read More
16th May 2017
In a recent decision of the Employment Relations Authority (“the Authority”), the Authority has found that an email containing disparaging remarks... Read More
16th May 2017
A private member's bill that was designed to provide greater transparency of the gender pay gap in the interests of providing greater evidence to... Read More
5th May 2017
Restructuring is an effective way to implement changes to your business leaving open the opportunity to outsource, introduce technology, reassign... Read More
5th May 2017
They sometimes say you’re an idiot to ride a bike in lycra but it takes a real idiot to ride 245 kms in lyrca! This year Chris Menzies (and 59 others... Read More
21st April 2017
The ASB Invercargill branch are holding an event called the ASB Tour of Don & Deveron and AWS Legal are competing. This event is to raise funds... Read More
6th April 2017
  As you may know last December Damien completed the Drop Your Boss challenge by abseiling down the Invercargill fire station tower.   Each of the... Read More